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Yuba City, CA


We are a fourth generation farm located in Yuba City, California.  We currently sell our produce in Yuba City and Northern Nevada.


Here are some of our frequently asked questions; please feel free to contact us as well:

1.  I would like to have fruit delivered to my house every week; is this possible?  Can I get a mixed box and how much do you suggest I purchase?

Yes, we can deliver a full or half case of stone fruit to your house every week.  We can pack your order to your specifications: for example, you can order just one type of fruit, or you can get a variety of everything in season.   We operate on a COD (Cash On Delivery) basis, so you will need to either pay before the delivery occurs or have payment available for pickup at time of delivery. 

In terms of how much to purchase, a half case of stone fruit weighs about 10 lbs and provides about 20 pieces of fruit.  A full case of stone fruit is double a half case.  How much fruit your household consumes and/or processes is a very individual factor.  However, if you are eating the fruit, our suggestion is a half case per every 2-3 people per week; if you are processing the fruit, our suggestion is a full case for every 15-20 quarts.


2.  How much do you charge for delivery?

The summer of 2014 will be our first summer offering a home and business delivery service in Northern Nevada and select Northern California locations.  To help decrease the cost for the majority of our customers, delivery rates are based upon the distance traveled from Reno rather than Yuba City.  As such and in order to provide you with the freshest fruit, deliveries will only be made on Thursday mornings and Tuesday and Saturday afternoons/evenings unless special arrangements are made. Should you encourage family, friends, neighbors, other businesses, etc. to order produce as well, the delivery rates for all parties involved will lower, depending on how many additional delivery addresses are located in the same area. Please call Lindsey at 775-636-0498 to discuss the exact cost to deliver to your home or business.


3.  Can I have cherries, melons and/or nuts delivered?

Yes.  If you are having us deliver a case of stone fruit, we would be more than happy to deliver cherries, melons and/or nuts along with your cases.